Joanna Curtis
Clinical Hypnotherapist
BA (Hons), MBA, PgCert (Clin.Hyp), PDCHyp, MBSCH
Hypnosis can improve your health and well-being and hypnotherapy is used to treat a wide range of medical and psychological concerns. 

Used therapeutically, hypnosis now has a substantial evidence base. Whether you are seeking to overcome some form  of anxiety, fear or phobia, or wish to improve your health by changing a habit related to eating,  smoking or drinking alcohol, hypnotherapy may well be able to help you. It can also improve sleep and help with pain management. 

Recent press headlines focused on  the NHS's endorsement of hypnosis during labour and childbirth, acknowledging  that  women  are increasingly opting for a gentler hypnobirthing experience. 

Whatever brings you here, the chances are that hypnosis can be of benefit to you. There is  no magic wand, therapy is a collaborative process. As such, most clients find  hypnotherapy an empowering process with many finding it life changing.

Please call or email me - you may  be pleasantly surprised to discover that hypnotherapy offers the solution  you are looking for. 

My clinical hypnotherapy practice is located in Alton, Hampshire, close to the  M3 and  A31 and just a short drive from Basingstoke, Farnham and Winchester.